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Vince Lombardi’s Comment–>Still Applicable Today

February 20, 2012

A favorite quote of mine sums up the state of America today in six short words. In a video (still played several times a year on ESPN), Vince Lombardi opines (at least in part) from the sidelines of a Green Bay Packers game , “What the hell’s going on here?!?!”

Consider this the “hook” or tease for several upcoming posts that will included:

1. Political Correctness Gone Pear-shaped.  Your homework reading is Cosentino (2012).

2. How LightSquared is Becoming LightScrewed.  Your homework reading is any article from the Wall Street Journal (2012) or by doing a “Google” search on “falcone lightsquared”.

3. Too Big to Not Fail Part 1.  Your homework reading is at least Holmes (2012).

I implore you to “Roll up for [the] Mystery Tour[, it’s] dying to take you away … Take you today”. Lennon and McCartney, 1967)

As always for knowledge, “STAY THIRSTY, my friends“(R).



Alternative names for the above posts could be:

(1)  Since When Are Words, Used Innocuously, Properly, and In Context, a Justifiable Basis for Firing Employees AND What Causes the Wrongfully Terminated Individual to Apologize for Doing Nothing Wrong?

(2)  The Government Has Every Right to Change Its Mind on a 5+ Year “Business” Agreement, Capriciously or Otherwise, IF Entities Opposed to the Agreement or Business Make Enough Noise and Join Forces With Other Government Entities and Use Their Money.

(3)  How the Automotive Bailout Proved the Insanity of Stealing Taxpayers’ Hard Earned Money to “Save” General Motors and Chrysler, Both of Whom Either Never Intended to Repay the Money or Unknowingly Foisted a Federal Government-endorsed Ponzi scheme on the America  People.

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